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Hidden Champion
“Hidden Champion Awards

In the past, China's traditional manufacturing industry was characterized by low costs and high resource consumption. Nowadays, however, significant progress has been made in industrial development, taking on a path towards advancement in technology and intelligence.

The manufacturing industry plays a leading role in China’s national economy. According to the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, “China’s manufacturing sector is the largest in the world.” As the global manufacturing industry accelerates its digital transformation, new technologies, products, and business types and models continue to emerge emerging in China, laying the foundations for it to become a real competitor in smart manufacturing.

Challenged by constant changes in the economic environment and market demand, as well as business development difficulties, China’s manufacturers are determined to move forward and grow as “hidden champions” – major industry players able to gain market share with high-quality products.

What is a hidden champion? The theory of the "hidden champion" was put forward by Hermann Simon, an author and management consultant. His model denotes certain companies as "hidden" because they are unknown to the majority of the public, while "champion" means that they possess significant market share, unique competitive strategies and unshakable leading positions in the market segments they serve.

Introduction to 100 Silent Voices events

In China, manufacturing is an important sector for generating new technologies and innovating business models. It’s also a pillar industry for the national economy. Against the backdrop of China’s “dual circulation” policy and the new normal of the post-pandemic era, Chinese manufacturers are faced with challenges in cost control, technological innovation, and transition to smart manufacturing, and they have to consider how to turn these pain points into a launchpad for future development.


In the face of the pandemic, CTIS postponed shows and listened to the voices of China’s manufacturers. Adhering to its mission of "creating a scenario for cross-boundary cooperation and a primary platform for global consumer technology development" as well as the positioning of "building a world-renowned consumer technology show brand in China", CTIS introduces a series of salons titled “Hidden Champions in China – 100 Silent Voices".


“We believe that in the process of coping with the constant changes in the market environment, China’s manufacturers will continue to forge ahead and thrive. These events will provide a platform for outstanding manufacturers to convey their stories to the public and make the hidden champions more visible.


2021 中国制造隐形冠军获奖名单如下:








1. 某一细分市场的领先者,并以市场占有率衡量

2. 曾拥有单项冠军产品,在国际市场或中国市场具备领先优势

3. 年销售额不超过10亿元

4. 企业长期专注于特色生产/经营,在某一产品或细分领域的品质得到业内公认,达到国际先进水平

5.  CTIS评审组保留最终审核决定权



1. CTIS 官网、微信、微博等全渠道宣传报道

2. 世界经理人全媒体专题报道,覆盖官网专栏、官方微信公众号、微博、APP 等渠道

3. 逾百家媒体合作报道

4. 线下交流活动及商务对接机会

5. 知名管理专家和咨询顾问点评、辅导机会

6. CTIS 2023 N1馆“隐形冠军”专区展位

7. CTIS 2023展会期间重点曝光
 1) 出席第二届“中国制造隐形冠军”颁奖典礼
 2) 贵宾及媒体交流午宴
 3) 会刊重点广告推荐
4) 现场媒体专访及报道