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Post-show Review | CTIS Tech Trends Summit: Explore the Technology Trend, Create a Better Future


The CTIS Technology & Innovation Conference featured two themed summits and six industry forums, with the participation of 136 industry notables.

The CTIS Tech Trends Summit, hosted by CTIS and leading business management publication Chief Executive China, started on the first day of the show. Hu Wei, CEO of Global Sources, said in his opening speech: "There are two reasons for the birth of CTIS. First, technology has a great impact on our industries and on human life, and the speed of technological innovation is very fast. Second, in recent years, international political relations have become more and more complex, and the competition between countries has become more and more delicate. In line with the dual circulation trend, and with Shanghai building a science and technology innovation center with global influence, we have created a global technology event in Shanghai. The purpose of this show is to provide a stage for Chinese enterprises to enter the world without leaving home, and to provide an opportunity for foreign enterprises to enter China and Asian markets. "

The New Trends of Consumer Technology

At the summit, participants discussed in depth the various reasons leading to China's technological changes and the trends of consumer technology.

On the one hand, technology innovation has become the main battlefield of the international strategic game, and technological self-reliance has become the strategic mainstay of a country's development. Zheng Hong, Director of the Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation, said: "during the fourteenth Five Year Plan period, China will continue to implement the strategy of manufacturing power and develop strategic emerging industries. Accelerating to promote the ability of independent innovation is a key to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and effectively deal with the risks, and also an important measure to promote upgrading the industrial base and modernization of the industrial chain. The Ministry of industry and Information Technology actively supports the industry in tackling key technologies, equipment and materials, making efforts to break through the bottleneck technologies, and supporting industry leaders to form technological innovation consortia with scientific research institutes, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises. We should accelerate the application and industrialization of innovative achievements, build an ecosystem of key technologies and products, and promote greater efforts in scientific and technological innovation and technology substitution, so as to build an independent, controllable, safe and reliable supply and marketing system for domestic production. "

On the other hand, China's middle-income group has exceeded 400 million, which constitutes the world's highest- potential market. China's broad market demand and upgrading of consumption structure are stimulating a steady stream of technological innovation. In his speech, Mark Lian, Technology Sector Leader of Deloitte China, analyzed the post-90s consumer profile in detail. They are more personalized, more rational in their shopping behavior, and more inclined to shop online. They promote the birth of new terms such as "advanced consumption, zero time-difference consumption". Under their influence, with the help of technological innovation, a large number of new products, new services and new models are constantly emerging, which also profoundly changes consumption habits, changes consumption patterns, reorganizes consumption processes, and injects inexhaustible power into consumption upgrading.

The Future of Consumer Technology

The future is inevitable, says Kevin Kelly. What is the future of our technological life? The speeches of business leaders in various vertical fields at the summit gave us a glimpse of the future.

Shanyong Hu, Chief Engineer of Huawei China Enterprise Business, portrayed the future of 5G technology through the essence of information industry and the basic principle of big data. “IT is an industry that takes data as its fundamental object, takes the network as the industrial foundation, and finally achieves the goal of intelligence. If we understand it in this way, we will have a very profound insight, which may be a very framework understanding for the development of our information industry in the next 20 years. " He believes that China's 5G technology will lead the world for a long time in terms of deployment density, application intensity and system support of the consumer market.

Alvin Wang Graylin,China President of HTC Vive, talked about the booming development of VR technology and HTC's innovation in the VR industry in the three aspects of hardware, content and solutions. HTC's goal is to use VR in learning, education, work, entertainment and other aspects of life.

Ye Zhang, VP of Tecent Cloud, GM of Tecent Qidian, shared the case of digital upgrading of enterprise service enabling industry. He stressed the role of industrial chain cooperation. "From the supply side, we think it is very important to provide solutions for industrial interconnection. In the connection layer, we use Tencent's highly advanced communication technology and social technology to strengthen the connection between upstream and downstream B2B. In order to solve many difficulties in the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises, we use SAAS and open platform to let more enterprise service providers and industrial service providers access this platform. "

In addition, Qiang Fu, VP of Tuya, President of Tuya Greater China, showed how IOT cloud platforms can help “full-scene” intelligence. Yu Zheng, Founder & CEO of LINGXI AR Technology, shared the latest innovations in the field of AR.

Hidden Champions under the “Dual Circulation” Model

With the development of science and technology, it has become the inevitable pursuit of Chinese enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Under the “dual circulation” model, how can Chinese enterprises seize the innovation advantage, create the brand effect of Made In China, and become the hidden champions of manufacturing industry?

Professor Hermann Simon, German management expert, thinker and father of the “hidden champions” theory, said that while China plays an increasingly important role in the world economy, the degree of globalization of China's hidden champions is generally low. In his view, under the dual circulation model, Chinese entrepreneurs should take the initiative to create a number of hidden champions in specific professional fields.

In the round table dialogue, Jingxin Gao, SJTU Antai College Chef of Economics Management, Christine Zhang-Lippert, Founder & General Manager of Bridge4Works, and representatives of Hidden Champion Award-winning enterprises discussed how small enterprises grow and show resilience.

The summit also discussed the entrepreneurial attitude in the post-epidemic era and shared the trends and business opportunities for venture capital in this special period.

In just one day, the CTIS Tech Trends Summit covered important topics such as the industry trends outlook, cutting-edge technology applications, the role of “made in China”, and venture capital. The summit is only a beginning. China's technology industry will further accelerate the exchange of resources and talents, and accelerate the realization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


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