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Investor and Founder's Day


The Investor & Founder Day at CTIS Consumer Technology & Innovation Show is a dedicated networking platform for investors, founders and innovators, bringing together a large number of outstanding investors, founders and innovators, injecting new vigour and impetus into the prosperous development of the technology industry.


It is an event where investors, founders of startups and entrepreneurs seeking financial support from a wide range of industries can come together to discuss the latest trends in the tech industry, share their experiences in innovation and identify potential opportunities for collaboration.


The event usually includes a series of keynote speeches, roundtable forums, and one-on-one meetings, which are designed to facilitate in-depth exchanges and collaborations among investors, founders, and innovators. The keynote session invites renowned industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors to share their insights and experiences, providing participants with valuable references and inspiration. The roundtable forums will focus on specific topics and encourage participants to actively speak and exchange ideas.



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