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CTIS Best of CTiS Innovation Awards
"The Best of CTiS Innovation Awards are the official awards of the Consumer Technology and Innovation Show (CTIS). The awards always focus on the breakthrough products, services and technologies exhibited at CTIS. Based on the in-depth observation of the industry throughout the year, the organising committee of the awards will make the selection in multiple dimensions, such as product design, technological innovation, functional innovation, and product application potential. The selection, a total of 16 awards categories, awards set up to encourage consumer technology industry and product innovation and breakthroughs, and strive to use the most cutting-edge vision and professional level of insight into the future development trend of science and technology. The "CTIS Best Technology Innovation Award" was selected by Zhongguancun Online, China's leading technology portal.
Selection principles
The selection principles of "Best of CTIS" are innovation, cutting-edge technology trends, application value and market potential. All products need to be based on the development of science and technology, the award-winning products at least in one aspect of a unique leading edge, and has a good market performance and industry reputation.
Product Design
The product must have a unique design concept, be visually appealing, and be designed from the perspective of user experience in terms of functionality.
Technological innovation
The proposed product needs to have leading technological innovation in its own industry, or on the same industry level. And the technology has been well received by the industry.
Functional innovation
In order to meet the development trend of the industry and the market, the product has made significant improvements and innovative breakthroughs on the basis of the original product, and has achieved good returns and recognition in the market.
Application Potential
The product has gained a good reputation in the market, and has a certain market potential and application value from the user's experience in the functional design.
List of previous winners
“The winners of the "CTIS Best Technology Innovation Award" are listed below:
Previous award-winning products
The jury consists of professional editors led by Zhongguancun Online
ZOL智慧营销事业群 总编
ZOL移动事业群 总监
ZOL数字音频事业群 总监
ZOL DIY事业群 总监
ZOL电脑及企业级 事业群总监
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