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CTIS Top Stories: Implanting Chinese aesthetics and creating new technological experiences


What exactly about a product attracts customers? This was a question that I thought about a lot as I strolled through the Consumer Technology & Innovation Show (CTIS) and saw a dazzling array of trendy technological products. From appearance and user experience to emotional affect, design determines the characteristics and popularity of a product. Today, with China's creative industry in full swing, homegrown design capability has naturally become the focus of attention. I was curious about how the local designers behind the creation of one hot product after another add achieve that added value, and how they use the universal aesthetic language to express Chinese people’s lifestyle.

To find the design elements that make a product popular, Vice President of LKK Deng Zemao believes the prerequisite is to understand what the local customers like and dislike, and to satisfy their needs. A leading domestic product strategy company focusing on user research, LKK exhibited a variety of innovative products at the show. Amongst them, the high-tech 55°Cooling Cup, developed, designed and produced by LKK Group, caught the attention of many attendees. This cup can quickly cool boiling water to 55 degrees Celsius, suitable for drinking. Chinese people love drinking boiled water, but they often face the problem that the water temperature is too high. This cup solves the problem and has been highly popular since it was launched because of that. Practicality, combined with streamlined design, brings an elegant and comfortable feel. The easy-to-hold design accentuates the light and portable characteristics, leading to its essentially to opening up a new category of water cups.

In order to maintain sustained influence for the brand, 55° products feature in cooperations with brands in various industries, such as film and television, sports, animation and art, to form super IP alliances and create a range of new hot products. Transforming technology into part of people's life through design and using the idea of "Internet thinking + innovative design" to form an array of IP derivatives has become LKK’s product creation methodology. According to Deng Zemao, LKK will dedicate yet more energy to user research, innovative design, product development, supply chain services, internet marketing and channel expansion, so as to create a super-sized IP system in the future.

Innovation is the foundation of every design team. The way to interpret and implement innovation  results in the unique style of each innovative company. As a standout homegrown design team, XIVO Design is committed to “becoming a global innovative design team that represents China.”  The company’s ultra-minimalist booth at the show conveyed its innovative design concept: using world elements and simplicity to create Chinese lifestyle aesthetics.


The designers at XIVO Design say they believe innovation is not just to show the characteristics of products, but also to create new user experiences. XIVO Design brought a number of products to the show featuring strong styling. One example is the products of the radio brand Maoking Radiooo.  Upholding the brand’s product philosophy, XIVO Design used innovative technology to combine internet radio content with traditional radio users’ habits, whilst the innovative design provides a unique user experience. Another example is the Yoose range, an independent original brand of XIVO Design. Yoose razors combine beauty and functionality to demonstrate the diverse and inclusive aesthetic tastes of contemporary Chinese young people.

Deng Zemao believes that when technology becomes a smart part of society, not just a tool, technological products represent aims, emotions and wisdom. Good industrial design taps the emotional value of such a societal role.


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